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Wizard of Oz
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'The Wizard of Oz as a Monetary Allegory'

Macro Essay Assignment

Please answer the following questions in either neat hand-writing or on a word processor. Your answers must be thoughtful for a passing grade, so please take this assignment seriously. Each question deserves at least a one paragraph answer, or longer, so the entire assignment should amount to a few pages. Finally, your answers must be unique and subjective! Due date: one week after its assignment (for Thursday macro class, February 21; for Tuesday macro class, February 26).

1.The film started in Kansas and ended in Kansas. Why do you think?

2.The film had several dominant characters, all females. Why do you think?

3.Each of the three main male characters was missing, or thought he was missing, an important attribute or characteristic (courage, brains, a heart). Why do you think?

4.The Wicked Witch desperately wanted Dorothy's magic ruby slippers. Why do you think?

5.In Oz, you have Munchkinland (where the little people lived and where Dorothy's house landed). Who do you think the Munchkins represent? Provide more than one example if you would like.

6.Dorothy is obviously the hero of this film. Why is she the hero?

7.Who do you think Dorothy represents? Provide more than one example if you would like.

8.The Wicked Witch was destroyed by water. What social problems are also 'destroyed' (meaning 'fixed') by water?

9.The film started in Kansas, took place then in Oz, and ended in Kansas. Make arguments that Oz was an allegory of Dorothy's life in Kansas.

10.The Strawman thought he had no brains, but he planned Dorothy's rescue (which, presumably, required brains); the Tinman thought he had no heart, but he was very sad by Dorothy's imprisonment by the Wicked Witch (which, presumably, required a heart); and the Lion thought he had no courage, but he risked his life to save Dorothy's life (which, presumably, required courage of some sort). Why then are these three men going to see the Wizard of Oz for brains, a heart and courage, when each man already possesses the characteristic he is hoping the great and powerful Wizard alone will provide?

11.What was your general impression of this film?

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