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MBA/MA presentation materials

economic thought
MBA/MA - Anglo-American University International Finance
ERASMUS - International Finance
MBA - Money and Financial Markets
ERASMUS Money & Banking
M.A. Public Policy Economic Sociology
On the Origin of Facts

Housing January, 2009

Bernanke's public thoughts in Jan., 2009

bubbling bonds

Nationalize banks?

Housing muddle Jan., 2009

Fears of inflation are wrong

government bonds' meaing

Financial world in ethical tatters

Keynes' applicability?

Soros' recommendations

Financial innovation and ethics

Fed's balance sheet December, 2008

Habermas on the crisis

Moscow crisis

The Lehman Affair

Crisis snapshot, December, 2008

Bernanke's interpretation of crisis Nov., 2008

Are bankers evil?

September 2008 economic malaise

What history tells us about the market

A short banking history of the US

We Have the Tools to Manage the Crisis

America's troubles run deeper than Wall Street

Everybody Calm Down. A Government Hand In the Economy Is as Old as the Republic

Punctured bubbles

Mark to Market



After the fall

Market dogma


Swedish example

Au and depression