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MBA/MA - Anglo-American University International Finance

economic thought
MBA/MA - Anglo-American University International Finance
ERASMUS - International Finance
MBA - Money and Financial Markets
ERASMUS Money & Banking
M.A. Public Policy Economic Sociology
On the Origin of Facts

Good financial glossary

Presentations here!!

Contemporary crisis coverage

Central banks & orgs page

Optional reading regarding Enron's crimes (a good primer on hedges and new-fangled financial instruments though through their abuse) DOWNLOAD THE 'ENTIRE REPORT' AT THIS LINK


A very teary-eyed introductory link - check it out!

Financial anatomy of a tulip

List of crises

Some crises

South Sea Bubble

Bubbles past and present

Financial Crisis in Japan regarding the "lost decade"

Asia and the Financial Crisis

Policy responses to crises

Handling a financial crisis

Central banks and crises

Speech by Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia regarding speculative currency attacks during the Asian Crisis

Jiggling obligations from private to public has not averted the bankruptcy time bomb...

Monetary standards in retrospect and prospect

Money & Monetary Standards

Bowie Bonds!

Monetary policy & asset prices

The Bretton Woods System

Foreign Exchange Markets

Exchange rate regime choices

Economic models and risk


Finance & Ratings

A few financial concepts defined


Comedy or Tragedy?

Net present value analysis in several financial contexts

Contemporary rates in government bonds



The Risks Speech

Quantitative measures of the systemic risk posed by the latest crisis

The sums

U.S. bank balance sheets and mortgage turmoil

Additional readings that will appear on the final exam

Purchasing Power Parity I (optional reading not covered on the exam)

Table that accompanies the next link

Purchasing Power Parity II