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economic thought
MBA/MA - Anglo-American University International Finance
ERASMUS - International Finance
MBA - Money and Financial Markets
ERASMUS Money & Banking
M.A. Public Policy Economic Sociology
On the Origin of Facts

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Mandatory class readings:

Note to students, if this link crashes, you can find all the readings (in alphabetical order not chronological order) at the google aau website for this class:

Wizard of Oz script (if you miss the second lecture of the semester, then read this)

Au versus Au/Ag

Bowie Bonds

The Story of Foreign Trade and Exchange

Monetary Standard Speech

Students, if you missed the in class movie on the Commanding Heights, then you can watch it here

Depression timeline

Irving Fisher



Keynes on The Great Depression


SRAS/LRAS/AD curves interactive graph at bottom of this linked page

Friedman on The Great Contraction

Money Supply Podcast

Transcript of money supply podcast (if you would rather read than listen to it in the link above)

Milton Friedman

Taxes & Growth

The Story of Inflation

The Story of the Federal Reserve System

The Story of Monetary Policy

Central banks and crisis management

Monetary policy and asset prices

Panic (funny)

Fed starts experimenting radically

Debt - a poison other than Taxes

Macro's critics