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Articles about the current economic situation

economic thought
MBA/MA - Anglo-American University International Finance
ERASMUS - International Finance
MBA - Money and Financial Markets
ERASMUS Money & Banking
M.A. Public Policy Economic Sociology
On the Origin of Facts

seigniorage endangered

Walk away...

Back to the future

PIMCO recs

Strategic default

Audit of waste in bailouts

Banks are the problem?


$ shorting

Lehman Bros.' anniversary

Bush's billions

US debtor revolt?

Money from a Slavic view

Risky new investments

Pimco's view

letting Lehman die

hey brother, can you spare a mortgage?

how long will the Communists support the USA?

what the right thinks...

The deficit threat

Where is the gods' wrath?

What is the divergence in bond and equity yields trying to tell us?

Early Xmas in D.C.

Exit strategy?

Feeding a monster

China @ creditor

one of the next bailouts

mourning the $

the psychosis in US bond markets

oil is still king

justice after finance

Pimpin bonds USA

unemployment amongst earnings

blame the speculators!

borrowing to oblivion

America's second central bank

Kohn's thoughts

Fed chair's public thoughts July, 2009

any buyers besides the Fed?

nervous bonds' power

paper money doom

fuel a boom

monetarism defiant

China & Au

the history of economy

fix the Fed

the market's not the market anyway

state balance sheet to the rescue

super-sized credit loss cycle

balance sheet deflation and Japan

the end of capitalism - whatever that is

weakness of social science

balance sheet shift

risk management risks

Wall Street reckoning

What the Left says

Short finance history

Shameful past

Fed dissent

UK gilts

Radical Fed

A new Fed

Volcker worries

Mortgage obstacles

God help us if this fellow is right

Investing when government spending is out of control

China and bond buying

Sovereign debt rating danger


USA credit rating risk

Bank stress test results

Why a New Dealer would hate the Chrysler Deal

Short sales' problem

PIMCO'S thoughts

Short selling revisited

$ demand

Mark to market tricks

Hedge funds' troubles

What good are economists anyway? (listen to podcast by clicking on 'listen to this episode')

Hedge fund extinction

Shrinking a dying city

Capital structure matters

Tv mortgage easy!

Is Fed balance sheet in trouble?

Credit's drying up


CDS overhang

The big gamble

World economy in depression

Unwinding AIG

Winding up AIG

Stanford's fraud

Financial Hiroshima

Paying 2x!


Will the rescue work?

Samuelson's view

Galbraith's view

central bank's surprises

Investment errors

Seeds of its own destruction

Nationalize the banks!

Central bankers' mistakes

The Fed


Madoff's strategy

Golfing Madoff


Bankruptcy barons

Animal spirits & recovery

Junk bond defaults

Blinder's opinion

Lynched incompetent

The central bank is in trouble?

Need the world buy U.S. debt

The hard choices

Goats furious at the world economic crisis

Soros' recommendations concerning the banks

Myth of the business cycle

Larger politics or smaller economics?

Outstanding sums in precarious financial instruments

Housing January, 2009

Bernanke's public thoughts in Jan., 2009

bubbling bonds

Nationalize banks?

Housing muddle Jan., 2009

Fears of inflation are wrong


government bonds' meaing

Financial world in ethical tatters

Keynes' applicability?

Soros' recommendations

Financial innovation and ethics

Fed's balance sheet December, 2008

Habermas on the crisis

Moscow crisis

The Lehman Affair

Crisis snapshot, December, 2008

Bernanke's interpretation of crisis Nov., 2008

Are bankers evil?

September 2008 economic malaise

US debt and financial crisis podcast (listen to podcast by clicking on 'listen to this episode')

What history tells us about the market

A short banking history of the US

We Have the Tools to Manage the Crisis

America's troubles run deeper than Wall Street

Everybody Calm Down. A Government Hand In the Economy Is as Old as the Republic

Punctured bubbles

Mark to Market



After the fall

Market dogma


Swedish example

Au and depression